Best Yoyos [Review & Shopping Guide 2017]

If you’re in the market for a new yoyo but arnt sure which one to buy, you may want to consider some of the below-mentioned yoyos. If you are seriously interested in getting a loved one a gift, one of the best you can get is a yoyo. These tend to be a lot of fun for both adults and children, which is why they make the perfect gifts.

However, one problem that many people go through when in the process of getting one is not being thorough enough. Despite the fact that yoyos are often thought of as very basic items, the fact of the matter is that there are so many different kinds out there. If you are not careful, you are likely to end up buying one that is of low quality, and which might not last as long as you would want it to. If you are interested in getting the best value for money, the following types of yoyos are likely to turn out to be the best for you.


Best Selling & Most Popular Yoyos


Additional Yoyos to Consider

Yomega 3 Piece Gift Set

If you want to get yoyos as a gift to someone, this would be one of the best to get. This comes as a set of 3 yoyos including the Brain, Raider and Fireball yoyos from the manufacturer. Some of the notable features of this gift set include the fact that it offers yoyos that can be used by all classes of users, from the novices to the pros. In addition to that, one also gets a holster to make carrying the yoyo easier, as well as extra string in case of breakage. In essence, this set contains everything you need in one package.

Unlike a regular yoyo which might not have anything special about it, this set has a few features that make it a lot of fun to use, and also much safer than other products out there. These include a centrifugal clutch system, which slows down the spin of the yoyo as the string gets shorter. In addition to that, they also provide longer sleep times as well as increased response time.


Wheels by Duncan

The defining feature of this brand is the fact that it’s very well designed. It has unique styling that is likely to make it appealing to a large number of people. In addition to that, it has been designed in such a manner that it’s perfectly balanced, and is not too heavy or too light. This in turn means that it sleeps much longer than most other yoyos, and is therefore a great one for doing various kinds of tricks and also having fun.


A Traditional Wooden Yoyo

If you are interested in getting something that is simple and easily customizable, you can get a wooden yoyo. This can be decorated using stickers if you want to, and can also be painted on if you have the skill. The fact that it’s made out of hardwood means that it’s likely to last much longer than you would imagine. If you don’t plan on actively using the yoyo, you can also decorate it (or leave it as it is) and use it as a novelty item. The fact that these are often very carefully crafted means that they can pass for art.

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Best Selling & Most Popular Yoyos

Additional Yoyos to Consider

  • Best Selling & Most Popular Yoyos
  • Additional Yoyos to Consider