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ADM 21″ Economic Soprano Ukulele Start Pack Review

Derrick Zinj




All Day Music Inc. (commonly recognized as ADM) offers a #1 best-selling ukulele starter kit within the Ukuleles category on Thanks to the fine folks over at E2E, we were able to get our hands on one of these bad boys and find out what exactly the hype is all about. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time thoroughly analyzing this item, and we’re happy to showcase our findings. 


What the ADM 21″ Economic Soprano Ukulele Offers

Those who are looking to purchase a ukulele starting kit will enjoy the important points mentioned on the product amazon page including an easy to play ukulele construction, a reliable and high-quality design, a wide array of included accessories, and a powerful 100% money-back guarantee. Furthermore, this ADM Ukulele has over 804 reviews and still remains a #1 best seller.


Included Accessories

When purchasing this highly regarded ukulele, expect to get your money’s worth. The starter kit includes many invaluable items for beginner Ukulele enthusiasts including a gig bag, a clip-on tuner (battery operated), additional strings, a few picks, a cleaning cloth, note stickers, a neck strap (which you can optionally add to your instrument to help you play), and a number of documents to help kick-start your ukulele playing journey. Its safe to say that this package comes with everything you could possibly need to start playing a ukulele.


Our First Impressions

Upon initial unboxing, we were glad to see that the product included ample padding and arrived with zero blemishes.

We were additionally happy to see that the ukulele seemed to be built with some durable and quality materials. We enjoyed the glossy finish and the strings already attached. Within a few short minutes of tuning, we were able to start playing the instrument with ease. Its safe to say this item is built with high-quality materials and is built to last the test of time.

Included with the ADM 21″ Economic Soprano Ukulele were the wide array of accessories as described within the product page. Even though we were aware of the included accessories, we felt blown away when seeing them in person. These ar’nt some cheaply-designed items that were just thrown in the box and used as a marketing ploy. Instead, its clear that these items were strategically included to make the process of learning to play a ukulele as friction-free as possible.



Without a doubt, we highly recommend the ADM 21″ Economic Soprano Ukulele Start Pack for those who are looking to step into the ukulele arena. Its clear that a lot of time and energy went into creating this starter pack, and we believe its one of the best on the market. Not only is the package affordable, but it’s backed by an aggressive 100% money-back guarantee.


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