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Surviving Google Updates

Derrick Zinj



survive google updates

survive google updatesWhile the intention of the latest google updates was genuinely trying to go after those abusing the system with poor quality or black hat SEO, it did affect a lot of other business owners who didn’t realize they were doing something “wrong”. If you’re among those who were affected by the latest google update, then here are some tips to help you survive and recover from the goggles latest updates.


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Do What You’re Told

Google has certain guidelines about what you should do with your content to make it valuable, informative etc. do what they recommend and you won’t have to worry about getting negative hits in the wake of future updates. This will also help correct your existing problem.


Remove Duplicate Content

Duped content was a major issue with the latest update. Google is constantly trying to filter replicated garbage out of the search results. If you got tagged, check your content and site structure to eliminate duplicate content. This mean also keeping tags and categories in a blog from getting indexed.


Avoid a Great Deal of Advertisements on your Site

Sites that are based on ad clicks and monetization are being flagged as doorway pages, and those sites are being delisted or bumped to the back of the line in the search results. Reduce your ad space and focus on providing relevant content.

Use Social Media

If you had your traffic take a big hit from the Panda update and you’re struggling to make up the difference, don’t wait for things to readust from your SEO. Get into social media channels and find other means to promote your business in order to generate more traffic.


Update Repetitive Content

If anyone got bowled over in the latest google update it was the people running stores online. Ecommerce sites took a big hit due to the duplicate content in using manufacturers product write ups. Fix this issue by changing your product descriptions. Including value, think optimization and get yourself unique content.

Stop Using Content Farms

If you were relying on content farms like ezinearticles for all your traffic then you put your eggs in one basket. When they got hit, you got hit. Instead of relying on those directories completely, host your own article directory. Create a quality resource center, wiki or other offsite information platform to help drive traffic to your site.

Publish Great Content

If you’ve gone through all the mess of dealing with the latest google update and you need good quality content but can’t seem to pull any together, then start looking at the source of info. Find out from your customers what they want to hear, what they need to hear and what problems they’re having. That can give you plenty of material.

Avoid Creating Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are one of the deceptive practices used to manipulate search engine rankings. These are poor-quality pages created to target specific keywords or phrases. They redirect the users to a single destination through cloaking. Such pages are very frustrating for users. Google can take action against such sites and remove them from Google index.

Surviving the latest google update isn’t difficult, you just need to focus on delivering original content that provides a great deal of value. You’re not reinventing the wheel, you’re just giving people a reason to hang around your site as well as return.

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