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Leverage Twitter to Smash This Quarter

Derrick Zinj



grow your business with twitter

grow your business with twitterHaving difficulties to uniquely use Twitter to crush this quarter. The truth is you are using the trick right. Twitter has unique capabilities of increasing traffic, views, more subscribers and followers if you get it right. The trick is revitalizing your Twitter experience to pump new life as well as renewed business intention. Here are creative ways you can consider when trying to Twitter for your business advantage.

Top Twitter Marketing Resources

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Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day
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Twitter Marketing For Dummies
Kyle Lacy - For Dummies - Kindle Edition - Edition no. 2 (03/01/2011)
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Twitter Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy (Punk Rock Marketing Collection) (Volume 1)
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Create a well thought-out list of whom you follow

Twitter is rich of individuals you can follow to your business advantage. These people have great impact to your business and they include clients, suppliers, neighboring businesses, and peers in addition to your business rivals. A well-structured list of these people is a sure way spreading your message in the social media. Grouping the people in an organized list helps you to focus on tweets from those whom you follow.

Make a habit of updating your profile

Give your business and identity, which those who follows you can associate with your business. Getting it right when it comes to dating your profile in this case is very crucial. Yes! Getting it right is key to success in Twitter. Start by cropping or fitting your profile picture to the right size. In case you are using a logo, it might be helpful if you might change it into head shot since most people tend to connect with faces.

Customize your visual branding

Branding gives your Twitter page a customized look. However, many find it challenging to customize their Twitter profile page. It is time you use Twitters capabilities to customize your page, give your business a fair service.

Make use of a Twitter-landing page

Sometimes the 160 characters that Twitter offers for your bio can be discouraging. In such a case, Twitter-landing page will offer those who follow you more of your content through a web blink to your website. On the other hand, you can create a Twitter a special Twitter landing page. The page will also act as your Twitter profile page.

Reconsider your Twitter follow strategy

Is your Twitter following strategy up to the game? Though this question might make you think of using the automated run account to up your game, but that should not be the case. The automated programs (bots) tend to spew tweets that are not inclined with your business goal hence thus not benefit your business. To avoid following bots take time to know whom you are following. Avoid followers with egg pictures, check their numbers, and review tweets. When you realize there is no favorite tweets know they are bots since they do not do so.

Make known your Twitter account

For your Twitter account to be fruitful, you have to publicize it. This will involve publicizing your Twitter user profile in all your business materials. All these include your website, newsletter, business card, paper work as well as product information sheet.

Demand more service from Twitter

Your business goal is the reason you are on Twitter. If that is the case, it is time to ask Twitter to make it possible to realize your goals. Every day in your business, you come across challenges and you can use the community you have developed in Twitter to help you solve those challenges. Through these tricks you will uniquely use Twitter to crush this quarter.

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