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StorageManiac Foldable Laundry Hamper Review

Derrick Zinj



Whoever thought of the idea of a hamper is a genius. For those who are living under a rock, a hamper its a simple device that allows individuals to easily carry laundry from point A to point B (typically from your bedroom to your laundry room). Hampers have been around for a long, long time and they’ve evolved into many different shapes, sizes, colors, and price points.

If you’re someone who’s looking to replace your old hamper this article is specifically for you. Today, we’re fortunate enough to be taking a close look at the StorageManiac Foldable Laundry Hamper (thanks to the kind people over at E2E, which has hundreds of positive reviews while boasting a very high and respectable overall rating. It should be noted that this hamper is sold in two-packs, meaning when you purchase this item you’ll find two hampers upon delivery. 


What the Laundry Hamper Offers

The hamper itself offers everything you’d expect from a traditional hamper but also comes packed with a few hidden goodies. On the amazon product page, the product features a number of favored selling points including an above-average capacity, durable and reliable material (and design), and the ability to collapse the hampers when not in use. Additionally, these hampers offer a size pocket, making it easy for one to throw in their container of laundry detergent or dryer sheets.

Its clear that these hampers have been around for some time and are continually used around the globe. Many previous customers have gone above-and-beyond to share their love for this product and seem to unanimously recommend it to any readers who find themselves reading said review.


What We Thought

Before the package of hampers arrived, we were a little skeptical of the product. For such a low price, we felt that there was absolutely no way that these hampers were going to be built with high quality material  or stand up to our tests. and boy were we wrong.

Upon unboxing, these hampers arrived in their collapsed state. We quickly opened up the packaging and allowed both hampers to transform into their fully uncollapsed state. Right off the bat, we noticed that the material holding the hamper together was relatively thick and durable. When grabbing around the handles and edges, it was clear that the hampers were reinforced. So far it checked out.

We then decided to do a quick stress-test to see if it could withstand a full hamper load. We filled the hamper to the brim and decided to walk around our warehouse a couple of times, being sure to keep an eye on any noticeable bends or rips.  After about 10 s0lids minutes, we found absolutely zero blemishes. When we were finished, we simply folded the hampers back up and put them back into their collapsed state.



If you’re looking for a new hamper, you simply cant go wrong with the  StorageManiac Foldable Laundry Hamper. From our stress-tests, we were happy to find out that these affordable hampers were built to last. Additionally, it was nice to see that two (2) hampers were included for such an affordable price. Finally, we really grew fond of the extra pocket, which really comes in handy when trying to bring all your laundry from point A to point B. All being said and done, we highly recommend this hamper.


To learn more about the  StorageManiac Foldable Laundry Hamper, click here.


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