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Honeymoon Ultra Silky Soft Satin Queen Bed Sheet Set Review

Derrick Zinj



Thinking about changing up your bedroom and grabbing a new set of bed sheets? Do you enjoy the cool touch of satin sheets? If so, you’d likely be interested in the Honeymoon Ultra Silky Soft Satin Queen Bed Sheet Set. These sheets have been selling like wildfire on amazon, and I needed to figure out what the hype was all about. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at this sheet set and see what they offer.

Note: We wanted to send a special thank you to E2E team for allowing us to quickly get our hands on these sheets!


What these Sheets Offer

Before I can dive into my opinion of these sheets, its important to understand what these sheets are offering and why they’re so popular. The bedsheet set is offered in a number of sizes including full,queen, and king. Additionally, consumers have the flexibility to choose between an array of colors including black, white blue, red, chocolate, and purple. The sheet set contains a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two (2) pillow sheets.

For those unfamiliar, satin has the characteristics of being cool, soft, and comfortable. Since these sheets are designed with satin, users enjoy the fact that these sheets carry said characteristics. Looking through the seemingly endless list of positive reviews, it was clear that these sheets were considered soft and comfortable across the board.



Our Take

Upon opening, I couldn’t believe how soft these sheets were. Sure, I’ve been around satin before, but never in bed sheets like this. The fitted sheet, pillow sheets, and flat sheets were all equally soft and seemingly cool to the touch. I personally got my hands on the black sheets, which were dark and shiny in color – which i liked.

I wanted to be sure that the sheets were the right dimensions so i quickly threw them on my bed. Sure enough, the sheets fit perfectly fine. While the sheets were on the bed, I tried to be aggressive, pulling and tugging on the sheets to see if i could damage them at all. To my surprise, i wasnt able to damage these sheets one bit.

Finally, I wanted to make a point and mention the price of these sheets. Initially, when i saw the price i thought to myself theres absolutely no way that these sheets are going to be quality. Somehow, Honeymoon managed to create some insanely comfy sheets for super affordable prices.



If you’re looking to mix up your bed with satin sheets, I highly encourage you to take a look at the Honeymoon Ultra Silky Soft Satin Queen Bed Sheet Set. For the price, you’re getting quite a bit of bang for your bet. Like previously mentioned, the set includes two (2) bed sheets and two (2) pillow sheets designed in some of the softest material you’ve ever felt. The sheets themselves appeared to be quite durable and fit my bed to a T. You simply cant go wrong with these sheets and we’re happy to recommend them to our readers.


To learn more about the Honeymoon Ultra Silky Soft Satin Queen Bed Sheet Set, click here

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