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Best Umbrellas [Review & Shopping Guide 2017]

Derrick Zinj



best umbrellas

best umbrellasAlmost everyone has an Umbrella to keep them dry in the rainy conditions. When you’re in a rainy situation and don’t have your umbrella with you, you typically realize how important and necessary an umbrella is. For those who are interested in picking up a new umbrella, there are a few lists below that showcase some of the most popular, best selling, and most effective umbrellas to keep you dry for years on end.

Since there are thousands of umbrella brands and thousands of available umbrella models to choose from, it can often times evoke a feeling of information overload and can cause individuals to typically feel frustrated. Not only that, but umbrellas come in virtually every color, size, and style imaginable. In an attempt to help you find your next umbrella quickly, affordably, and securely, we’ve designed this page to show off the most popular and best selling umbrellas on the market. These umbrellas have been around for quite some time and are often regarded as the best in the market.

Feel free to read through and click on any umbrellas that peak your interest and see if they’re exactly what yo’re looking for.


Best Selling Umbrellas For Sale

Consider this list a catch-all of the best umbrellas being sold around the world. These umbrella brands and models have a considerable amount of previous sales, positive customer reviews, and everyday use. for those simply looking to pick up a high quality and affordable umbrella, you cant go wrong with any of these umbrellas:


Best Beach Umbrellas

Although most people think of rain when they here the word “umbrella” these devices are quite common and effective in a beach environment. Not only can these umbrellas help keep you dry in a rainy situation, but it can double as an effective sun blocker while relaxing on the beach. If you’re considering grabbing a new umbrella for the beach, be sure to look through these high quality beach umbrellas.


Best Umbrellas for Windy Situations

At the end of the day, most people realize that a umbrella’s worst enemy is the wind. Non-durable and flimsy umbrellas easily rip, tear, and invert when battling the wind. If you’re expecting to experience the wind from time to time, it may be best for you to grab an umbrella that is built with high quality materials and will remain intact in those gusty situations. Below are some of the most popular and best selling umbrellas that have been shown time and time again to effectively withstand heavy wind guts and still keep the user dry.


Best Portable Umbrellas

Recently, portable umbrellas have started to become quite common and popular. Not only is a portable umbrella affordable, it offers the freedom for the user to stay dry even when they weren’t expecting to experience rain. Typically, most people pack a portable umbrella in their coat pocket, purse, or car and only pull it out when the situation warrants the need for it. Below are some of the most popular portable umbrellas that you should definitely consider:


More Umbrellas To Consider


Gustbuster Metro Automatic Umbrella comes as an integration of great features which make it the reason why a lot of people love it. To start with, the umbrella bears a nice handle which fits well in the arm. The handle is designed in a way that it is not so wide for any arm size. This enables you to hold the umbrella in whatever position you like.

The automatic opening of this umbrella comes as another great feature. To open the umbrella, you will only require pressing on the button which is placed on the handle. This saves users the stress of manually opening the umbrella which might end up damaging it. In addition, the umbrella is designed to fold in a sturdy manner when it is closed.

Gustbuster Metro Automatic Umbrella is wind tested and has been proven to stand heavy forces. You can comfortably walk across the wind without ruining the nature of the umbrella. As a matter of fact, Gustbuster Metro Umbrella can stand wind speed of up to 55 mile per hour.



London Fog auto umbrella is made of 100% polyester. This makes run for a remarkable long time without wearing off. Unlike other umbrella brands, you will not complain of any form of leakages soon after buying London Fog Auto umbrella.

London Fog Auto umbrella opens and closes automatically. This makes it easy for the user to operate the umbrella as compared to those operated manually.

The strong shaft used as the central support of the umbrella is indeed a feature that makes London Fog Auto umbrella best. The shaft is made of heavy duty steel thus it can stand heavy impacts and cannot break easily.

London Fog Auto umbrella bears a wooden handle which is strong enough to stand the test of time. The handle is made in an elegant design which greatly complements the beauty of the umbrella.

One better thing about London Fog Auto umbrella is its compact nature when closed. It can easily fit in a small bag. The user therefore does not necessarily require ferrying the umbrella around with his arms.



One good thing about Totes Signature Superdome Auto Umbrella is the mesh sleeve that it comes with. The sleeve not only plays the role of casing the umbrella when closed but also makes the umbrella appear classy and elegant.

Totes Signature Superdome Auto umbrella is large enough in that two people can fit in it. Once opened, the umbrella forms a large dome to ensure that the user is fully covered.

Totes Signature Superdome Auto Umbrella bears a strong frame. This ensures that the umbrella is not turned inside-out by strong winds. It is also a guarantee of not ruining the nature of the umbrella during stormy weather.

The folded size of this umbrella is good enough that you can carry it around everywhere. As a matter of fact, Totes Signature Superdome Auto Umbrella is smaller than other standard size umbrellas when folded. It can easily fit in bags without causing any inconveniences.

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