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Top 10 Best E-Readers Reviewed 2017

Derrick Zinj



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best ereaderInstead of lugging around multiple books, you may want to consider grabbing yourself a e-reader. Also known as an electronic reader, these digital devices can effectively hold thousands of books at any given time, allowing you to essentially bring your large collection of books with you while on the go. Recently, e-readers have grown in popularity and demand, thus there are a wide number of available e-readers for the public. If you’re interested in grabbing a e-reader to take your books with you while on the fly, consider some of the below listed units.

While building our lists, we had to consider quite a few variables including the price point of each e-reader, the battery life of each e-reader, the available storage space, ease of reading and usability of the device, and many other factors. After collecting the data and sifting through, we’ve compiled a few lists below that will help make your shopping one step easier.


Best Selling & Most Popular E-Readers

If you’re interested in buying an e-reader but dont know where to begin, we suggest looking through the list below. These e-readers are some of the most popular and best selling models and offer extensive feedback from previous customers. If you find a e-reader that peaks your interest, be sure to click on it and read the detailed product description and sift through some of the previously posted customer reviews. That way, you can understand how the e-reader works better and understand the included features that come equipped with the unit.


Best E-Readers for Seniors & Poor Eyes

Often times, many individuals with poor eyes or senior standing complain that e-readers are hard to read. If you’re a senior citizen or have poor eye but still want to grab a e-reader, consider looking through some of the listed below e-readers. These e-readers offer bright displays with high contrast of background and text, making it easier to read. Also, these e-readers are quite easy on the eyes, preventing strain and a few other common issues seen with some e-reader enthusiasts.


Honorable E-Reader Mentions

Barnes and Noble Nook

This is a great eBook reader that is produced by Barnes and Noble. It comes with a lot of features that can improve the overall user’s experience. This ebook reader comes with easy to use touchscreen system. It is equipped with Wi-Fi connection, so all users can browse the Internet easily by using this ebook reader. Many experts believe that Barnes and Noble Nook is one of the fastest reader devices on the market. In most cases, people can download their favorite books via wireless connection in less than 10 seconds. The best feature of this e-reader is the E Ink display. This technology allows all users to read their favorite ebooks easily, although they are reading under the bright sun.


All New Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle is created by Amazon. It has a lot of features offered for all users. There are many benefits that people can get by using this device. There is no screen glare when people use this device under the bright sunlight. All New Kindle Paperwhite is a lightweight device. Therefore, people can read their favorite books by using one hand only. The battery can last for several weeks. It comes with fast processor that allows all users to get access to their favorite books quickly. People can also get access to the GoodReads to share their experiences with other readers. High contrast is another useful feature offered by this device.


Kindle DX

This is another recommended product from Amazon. It has large 9.7 inches display with several text sizes. It is a suitable product for all users who love reading large text. Kindle DX has read to me feature. This feature can read some books out loud with the text-to-speech feature. This device is able to hold about 3,500 electronic books. Kindle DX is also equipped with free 3G wireless connection. It means that all users can get access to the Internet easily. Its battery has long life. All users can use this Kindle DX for long period of time. It may last for about 2-3 weeks only on a single charge. There are many books that are available on Amazon these days. People can get these books in less than 60 seconds after they start downloading these books.

They are some recommended e-reader devices that are suitable for all users. These products are very popular because they are made from high quality materials. They also have a lot of features that are very useful for all users. They offer great user experience. These products are very suitable for all users who love reading e-book. Buy these products today to enjoy all benefits and features offered by these e-reader devices.

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