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Top 10 Best Cheap 10-Inch Tablets Reviewed 2017

Derrick Zinj



best cheap 10 inch tablets

Tablets are fast becoming an important gadget to have in every household. But since most of the top end tablets come at a hefty price, most of the households are not able to afford them. And it is believed that when it comes to gadgets, if we compromise on price, then we will have to compromise on the quality as well. But this is not always true, especially if we are talking about tablets.

In today’s world, small is beautiful. This is what most gadget makers have also realized. From smaller phones to smaller computers, they are constantly cutting down the sizes and shapes of their gadgets. Tablet PCs are the latest sensation in the field of gizmos. This is because they have somehow bridged the technological divide between phones and computers in one simple, easy-to-use and versatile platform. However, while the initial tablets were quite chunky and uncomfortable in use, the new age tablets are becoming smaller and smaller in size. Here is a better look at the new age cheap 10 tablets which have been successful in the market.

There are currently many cheap 10 inch tablets available in the markets that are sure to fit into the budget of most households and we have to make sure that we choose the best one. In this article, we will share with you the 3 best cheap 10 inch tablets available in the market. You can select any based on your budget and requirements.

If your serious about picking up a new 10-inch computer tablet but dont know which one to buy, use this list below to start your search.


Most Popular Cheap 10-Inch Tablets

Unfortunately, there are so many different tablets for sale, it can be confusing and difficult separating one from another. Use this list below to find some of the most popular and best selling units online. Take a close look at any of the units that stand out to you and see if its something that fits your needs and demands.


Additional 10-Inch Tablets to Consider

Hannspree T7 10.1-inch Quad Core Tablet PC

This tablet PC from Hannspree comes with a lot of interesting features like 10.1 inch LED display, WiFi internet access, the cameras are both front facing and back facing, microphone, speakers and an internal storage of 16 GB. You can use an HDMI cable to connect the Hannspree T7 to any large monitor or TV display. It comes installed with Android Jelly Bean OS 4.1.1. Aquad core processor is used for more speed and better performance. To suit everybody’s lifestyle, it comes in 3 different metallic colors: White, Black and Polished Aluminium. People who are already using this tablet are pretty much happy with all the features. The main drawback noted by most of the users has been that it takes time to catch the wireless signals. The best part is that you have to pay less than $100 to get this reasonable 10 inch tablet.

Hannspree is one of the veterans in the field of smaller, efficient and cheaper devices. This is why their latest foray in the tablet field is quite a buzz. The 10.1 inch IPS LED panel is pretty sharp and well-contrasted given the low price tag. On the other hand, the Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 operating system produces a great effect and the tablet runs as smoothly as expected. The 16GB Internal memory is also quite good for storing your movies and music. Along with the Android features, you can also opt for Dropbox to store and safeguard your files and folders as well. The Quad Core/ARM Cortex processor is also pretty fast and furious.


FastTouch(TM) 10-inch Google Android Tablet PC

FastTouch’s tablet PC has a slightly smaller LED display screen of 10 inch as compared to the T7, but is one of the most favored cheap 10 inch tablets. Installed with the latest Android OS of Jelly Bean 4.2, this tablet comes with a support for many input and output slots like: Headphone jack, 3G external, USB host, HDMI slot, TF Card ad Dc jack. It comes with an internal memory of 8 GB. In addition, the A20 Dual-Core processor and the ARM Cortex A7 1.5Ghz provide the tablet a speed that most users have appreciated about. It provides support for Bluetooth connectivity, to enable easy data transfer from your tablet to your PC, smart phone or any other hand held device. You cans also use the WiFi connectivity to get connected with the internet and thus share your pictures and videos via the various social networking sites.

When it comes to dynamic performance, it is only Google that delivers the maximum impact. This is clearly seen in the Fast Touch 10” Tablet which has been recently released by Google in the market. The HDMI and Wi-Fi connectivity make everything super-capable and you will end up having a blast with this tablet by your side. The LCD screen is perfect with a resolution of 1024×600. There are also additional USB 2.0 features and frills which will further enhance the action of browsing the Internet and using other add-ons as well. The Google Android 4.2 OS is also quite impressive as well. These features are truly exciting.


Digital Reins 10.1-inch Android Tablet PC

Most users who have bought this 10.1 inch tablet from Digital Reins have said that this is one of the best tablets to play games and run various android apps. It comes with both front and rear cameras (0.3 MP and 2 MP respectively). With an internal storage of 8 GB that is extendable up to 32 GB, you can store most of your important pics and videos. Dual core processor and 1 GB DDR3 RAM provides an increased performance. In addition, it also provides support for WiFi and HDMI.

This small and nifty device is one of the best devices since it has all the features that one would want from the usual cheap 10 tablets. This is because it has solid Wi-Fi and HDMI cable connectivity. The Front and Rear cameras are cameras which will be needed for the video chats and meetings and conversations as well. The Digital Reins 10.1 Inch Android device is something that will be quite easy and efficient to use as well. This means that it also has enough storage space and this will be more than enough for you to use with all your files and documents as well.


What Are 10” Tablets?

With a screen size of 10” and with a lighter frame, a 10” tablet is one which would suit almost everyone. This is because it is firstly small in size and it can be smoothly and easily carried around from one place to another. This means that you can take along your tablets wherever you go- to office, to college or elsewhere as well. Also, many of today’s cheap 10 tablets have superior features and applications. This is quite a good development since the earlier cheap models did not have these frills. So, a small cheap 10 tablet would be quite a good idea for you. Here is a look at some of the bestselling 10” devices which are selling like hotcakes.



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