Why Do I Sweat So Much? A Data Driven Answer

Do you ever find yourself sweating profusely? Do you ever get into a “sweating episode” that you just cant seem to shake off? If you’ve ever been in a situation like Ive just described, it can be a little embarrassing and annoying. So what can you do to stop sweating to much?

In todays article, we will be exploring sweating in more detail so you can completely wrap your head around sweating in general. Once we learn about what exactly sweating is and why our body sweats, we will talk into a few different methods to quit your sweating, from holistic cures to extreme surgeries.


Why Do I Sweat So Much?

Sweating is common process that is necessary to keep our bodies cool. Believe it or not, sweating is the bodies reaction to our bodies heat being above normal or to help calm down the rest of the body in emotional or stressful situations.

Did you know that sweat is 95% water? Sweat itself doesn’t leave an odor behind, but rather the skin and hair follicles highly contribute to any odor you might pick up on.

Most people are not aware how much our bodies sweat. According to a clinical study, the average person sweats about 1 liter of sweat per day. However, most people do not notice or feel the perspiration due to the immediate evaporation of the sweat. Sweating is most commonly found with high-level physical activity or high emotional or stressful situations.


Is Sweating Normal?

Absolutely. Sweating is an essential part of living each and every day. Without the process of sweating, our bodies would likely overheat and cause severe and permanent damage to your body. Sweating is also your body’s mechanism to clean and maintain healthy skin. When your pores release sweat, you are clearing the dirty, oil and dirt filled pores and helping maintain a clean skin. As stated above, the average person sweats about 33.8 ounces per day, but we simply are not aware of 95% of the perspiration taking place due to the fact that evaporates immediately.


Reducing The Amount You Sweat

There are many, many different ways to cut down on the amount of sweat your body releases. In order to properly explain common ways to reduce your excessive sweating, we will break don certain categories that help you reduce the amount you sweat.

Holistic Ways to Reduce Perspiration

Are you looking to find natural and holistic ways to reduce the amount of sweat your body releases? If so, then you should try and

  1. Drink plenty of water.
    1. The minimum amount of water you should be consuming is 13 cups (if you’re a man) and a minimum of 9 cups per day (if you’re a woman). We suggest that you drink at least 15 cups of water daily if you’re a male and at least 11 cups of water a day if you’re a woman. Drinking plenty of water daily is one of the healthiest things you can do for the longevity of your body. Not only does it help your health overall, it helps to cool down your body and help reduce the amount of sweat your body releases.
  2. Watch What You’re Eating
    1. This may seem like common sense, but the foods you eat each and every day play a massive role in how your body functions. When it comes to sweating, fatty, garlicy, oily, processed, and spicy foods are proven to increase the amount of sweat your body releases.Another effective way to cut down on the amount of perspiration you have is to take some natural supplements or vitamins. Zinc and vitamins C, B, and E have been proven to make a large difference.The healthiest foods you should be putting in your body are fresh fruits and veggies (specifically grapes and tomatoes), protein-packed foods, and whole grains.
  3. Watch What Beverages You’re Consuming
    1. As stated above, you should be drinking plenty of water. The average person does not even come close to the recommended amount of water intake. If you drink the minimum recommended amount of water, you’ll notice a decrease in sweating within 24 hours.When it comes to beverages, you should be making sure that you’re not consuming alcoholic or caffeinated beverages. Caffeine and alcohol are directly linked to the amount your body sweats.Be sure to try and drink some Sage Tea. If you’ve never had sage tea before, you must try it, you’ll absolutely love it. Not only does sage tea taste wonderful, it does wonders for your body. Sage is easily considered one of the best natural remedies for effectively treating hyperhidrosis.
  4. End the consumption of nicotine.
  5. Use Anti-Bacterial soaps to reduce bacteria
  6. Take Cold Showers Instead of Hot Showers
  7. Wear clothes that Breathe
  8. Try Baking Soda and Lemon On Major Sweat Points
  9. Learn to Relax Your Mind
    1. Often times, sweating is linked to being in an emotional situation or a stressful situation. There are no medications that cope with this type of sweating. The best way to cut down on perspiration in these situations is to learn how to control your mind. If you can master controlling your mind and your reactions to certain situations, you can cure your hyperhidrosis issue very fast.

Somewhat Extreme Ways To Reduce Perspiration

  1. Choose a strong Over-The-Counter Antiperspirant that Shuts Down your Pours
    1. If your regular antiperspirant just isn’t cutting it anymore, you may need to consult a doctor to get prescribed to an over the counter deodorant to help cut down the amount you sweat. If you search our website, we actually wrote about the top 5 antiperspirants you can buy online that have been proven to help reduce the amount you sweat.
  2. Try and lose Some Weight
    1. There is a strong connection between obesity and excessively sweating. Try and lose a few pounds to help your body stop sweating so much.
  3. Consult Your Doctor About Medications
    1. If you feel that your situation is extreme and you need to get this problem resolved using medicine, consult a doctor. Your Physician may prescribe you with medications such as Robinul, Diropan, and Cogentin that help your body relax and make your sweat glands sweat less.

Extreme Solutions to Hyperhidrosis

  1. Consider talking to your doctor about getting Botox
    1. Although this is not a permanent solution to excessively sweating, Botox has recently become a more common treatment. Botox injections help by blocking certain nerves that stimulate the sweat glands.
  2. Surgeries to Remove The Glands Or Nerves
    1. If you’ve got a sweating issue that just doesn’t seem to want to quit, and you’ve tried every “home remedy” or suggested solution, your best bet may be to remove the sweat glands or the nerves completely. These surgeries are extreme and expensive, but can completely end your hyperhidrosis issue immediately.


Sweating is a common way to cool down your body, clean your pours and skin, and ultimately help with the longevity of your overall health. However, sometimes your sweat glands can interpret nerve signals incorrectly and cause sweating issues. If you are suffering from excessive sweating, you have an enormous amount of solutions to choose from ranging from holistic to extreme. We recommend starting with holistic, natural solutions and work your way up the ladder to see what solution works best for you.

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