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Why Do I Sweat So Much Under My Arms?

Derrick Zinj



First and foremost, sweating is a normal body function that happens to everyone. Believe it or not, the average person sweats between .8 and 1.4 Liters every single day. However, if you are finding your shirts constantly drenched underneath your arms, you may want to do some investigation. After reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding as to why you are sweating excessively around your armpits and will be able to answer the question why do I sweat so much under my arms?


You Might Have Hyperhidrosis

when someone is clinically diagnosed with a disease that causes them to sweat uncontrollably, scientists and doctors refer to this condition as hyperhidrosis. Unfortunately, this condition affects millions of people each and every year around the world. Beyond that, hyperhidrosis is usually a byproduct of another problem within your body. There are traditionally two classifications of hyperhidrosis, one being primary, and the second being secondary hyperhidrosis.

As touched on in the previous paragraph, hyperhidrosis tends to be caused by another underlying issue (for primary hyperhidrosis patients). For some patients, the excessive sweating under the armpits can be caused by cancers, other medicines, stressful or emotional situation, a cold, or some other similar situation. If you consult your doctor, he’ll likely go through a detailed questionnaire to better understand and pinpoint the actual cause of the issue.

There are many resources readily available online however we recommend you consult your doctor first. When you go to your doctor, simply explained situation and tell him that you set excessively for no reason. Chances are, he will prescribe you to a strong antiperspirant that has an active agent known as aluminum zirconium octahlorohydrex that has proven to block your sweat glands. Traditionally, these prescriptions are relatively cheap and cost less than $10.


Alternative Cures

if you would prefer not to be prescribed to a stronger antiperspirants or other medication, there are many other ways one can control their excessive sweating. There are hundreds of home remedies that can be found online and they are quite a few forums that whole tutorials as to how you can successfully reduce the amount perspiration your body does.

One of the easiest ways to produce in the amount of excess sweat is by taking a look at your everyday activities. Consider these questions and see if you yourself are causing the sweating issues:

  • First off, how are you dressing every day? Are your armpits able to breathe and is the fabric breathable?
  • Are you eating unhealthy foods?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you have a lot of stress on your plate?

If your responses to these questions are not necessarily the healthiest, you may want to consider making a few life choices. If you change your life and more importantly the way you live each and every day, you’ll see a significant change in the amount of sweat your body releases each and every day.



if you’re sweating a lot underneath your arms for no apparent reason, you may have a condition known as hyperhidrosis. In its simplest form, hyperhidrosis can be defined as abnormal excessive sweating for no apparent reason.

If you feel like you have hyperhidrosis, we highly recommend that you head over to your local doctor’s office and ask for professional’s opinion. If the doctor feels that you have hyperhidrosis you recommend a proven method that should take care of your excessive sweating issues.

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