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7 Oddball Ways to Sweat Less During Summer

Derrick Zinj



I’m going to assume that most, if not all of us have experienced a hot, sunny summer day where we cannot stop sweating. We’re constantly thirsty, the sun’s rays turning our skin into a crisp. These days are not fun at all, and there seems to be no clear-cut solution to sweating less during the summer months. Within this article, I’ll be teaching you seven little-known tricks that will help you keep your cool while you’re out and about in the exhausting heat of the sun.


Ways to Sweat Less in Style

Applying antiperspirant the night before
This is probably a “home remedy” you’ve never actually heard before, but this is a proven method. The thought process behind this method is that you’re shutting down your sweat glands early. All you have to do is simply reapply more antiperspirant to your armpits (or commonly sweaty parts of your body) when you wake up. BAM! DONE!


Be Smart About What You Wear

Believe it or not, the clothing you wear can make a considerable difference in your body’s temperature. There are 2 important factors to consider when choosing clothes to wear on a hot, sunny day. The first, the color of the clothes. Without going into too much detail, dark colors or even black absorb the suns shortwave radiation and the earth’s re-emitted longwave radiation while lighter clothes, such as white or light grays, tend to reflect the sun’s rays.
The second important factor to consider is the material your clothes are made of. Much like your own skin, you want the clothes on your back to be able to “breathe” easily. Fabrics such as cotton, linen, or high-tech synthetic fabrics are known to breathe and “wick moisture away from your skin.”


Shave The Pits! (Or the Affected Area)

No matter where your sweating is an issue, you should be making a conscious effort to shave the hair around that area. For example, my friend Jack consistently sweats from his armpits on a regular basis. This isn’t your average sweat either. Jack seems to always have pit stains around his armpits day in and day out. If he were to simply shave his armpits, he’d help remove the moisture buildup and allow for further airflow to help take away or evaporate the sweat.


Don’t Drink The Alcohol!

It’s definitely not uncommon to associate a fun day out in the sun with alcohol (If you’re of legal age). In case you weren’t aware, alcohol forces your kidneys to consume less water, causing you to urinate and pee more frequently as well. Alcohol, whether it be beer, hard alcohol, wine, or mixers, are all known to make a person more dehydrated. If you want to stay cool in the summer sun, don’t drink the alcohol!


Carry Around a Water Bottle

Did you know that the average person is supposed to drink an absolute minimum of 8 cups of water daily? I for a fact know that I’m not consuming even close to that recommended amount daily. Keep in mind too that this minimum water consumption rule is on the average day, not a hot sunny day. It may sound simple, but many people seem to forget to stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day. One easy way to keep your body cool and hydrated is to bring a water bottle with ice cubes. If you’d like, add some fruit to the water itself to add vitamins and antioxidants while making the water tastier.


Lose the Excess Pounds Before the Sun Date

People who have more excess fat are statistically proven to release more sweat from their pores and sweat glands. If you can, go for a walk or head to your local gym to work out a little bit before the planned day in the sun. It’s important to state at this point that diet is a huge contributor to reducing the weight as well. Stay away from the junk food. Only eat fresh veggies and fruits, lean meats, and drink plenty of water. If you plan properly, you can remove more than a handful of pounds.


Relaxation is Your Best Friend

There is a strong connection between your brain and the amount of sweat your body releases. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been in an extremely stressful situation or a highly emotional environment, and ended up sweating? Your brain tells your sweat glands to “turn on the faucet” when you’re in a high-intensity situation.
A way to combat your brain turning on your sweat valves is to try and calm your body. Doctors and dermatologists have recommended left and right to take up meditation as a hobby. Learning to control your brain and taking control of your body in high-intensity situations can make a huge difference.



Sweating profusely sucks – especially on a hot summer day. If you follow these wacky, little known remedies, you can cut down on the amount of perspiration your body releases. If you have a more extreme sweating condition, you should consult a doctor or physician to get tested for hyperhidrosis. If you’d like to learn more about excessive sweating in general, take a look at other articles submitted on our site by using the search function. You should now know a few ways to sweat less by changing up your daily routine!
Thanks for reading and enjoy sunny day off sweat free!

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