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How to Reduce Sweating Naturally

Derrick Zinj



We’ve briefly covered the idea of sweating excessively in the past few posts. However, this post is going to be exclusively on the topic of naturally reducing the amount you sweat. With these holistic, natural remedies, you can be sure that you are reducing the amount your body sweats naturally.
Sweating can, in fact, affect almost every single square inch of your body. Some people suffer excessive sweating from one particular part of their body while others experience hyperhidrosis-like symptoms throughout the entire body. All the information provided is going to help anyone suffering from excessive sweating; no matter if you’re a guy or a girl. You will learn how to effectively reduce sweating naturally in any situation life gives you.


Obviously, if you’re sweating, you should apply antiperspirants, not deodorant. Deodorant simply reduces and eliminates the odor and bacteria. It doesn’t do anything in particular to helping you sweat less.

Always be sure to purchase a strong strength antiperspirant. Some suggest getting specialized brands. Keep in mind it can take up to an hour for your antiperspirant to start working. The deodorant needs to travel into your pore and either block it or shut it down. The whole point of applying antiperspirant is to:
Either shut down the gland, clog the pore (so that it cannot release sweat from your body), or simply covering up the odor. The best time to apply deodorant is during the morning after a shower.

Your skin is clean and it’s the perfect time to allow the antiperspirant to seep into your skin.
Another hidden tip we found was to apply deodorant twice a day; once when you wake up, and once when you go to bed. This helps ensure that your pores are clogged throughout the day and night.


Dress Properly

Let me ask you a quick question. If its super-hot outside and you’re wearing quite a few layers of clothing, what happens? Right, you sweat. If the weather is hot, or you’re expecting to be in a warm location, dress for it. Most people recommend that you wear clothes that are easily breathable. This simply means that air and wind can easily travel through the clothing to cool your body.

When we asked a doctor what type of clothing would best to combat excessive sweating, he recommended that we wear sports clothing. I thought about it, and it totally makes sense. All athletic clothing is super light-weight and can breathe easily. The doctor continued on by talking about finding athletic clothing that has fabric that wicks away any moisture your body might accumulate.

The type of clothing is not the only factor when it comes to sweating. Always be conscious about the color of your clothes. Without getting into too much detail, lighter, brighter clothing tends to reflect light and darker, duller cooler clothing is known to absorb heat. In order to stay cold, we recommend wearing the lighter color clothes.

Another important tip we’ve learned throughout the years is to change your clothes frequently. The process of changing clothes is a wonderful way to reduce the amount of odor released from dirty clothing.

Food and Diet

Believe it or not, food and your overall eating habits play a considerable role in the amount you sweat. If you decide that your daily food intake is casing your sweating issue, consider changing up your diet.

If you’re looking to sweat less, try and cut down on the fast food. Fast food is filled with chemicals and fat. When ingested, your body needs to heat up and break down these foods. This is a very tiring and heated process. Another thing to avoid is spicy foods. If you’ve ever eaten anything exceptionally hot, you know that your body reacts by opening up all pores and glands. For example, last week I had a habanero. After eating it, I noticed my nose running, the desire for water, and beads of sweat falling from my forehead. Long story short, try to avoid fatty foods and spicy foods.

On the other hand, there are plenty types of food that are great for reducing the amount you sweat. Foods that have a high amount of protein do wonders for your body. Always try to eat fresh fruits and veggies (such as carrots, tomatoes, and grapes).

The healthier you eat, the less likely you’ll be to sweating.

Another important tip is to cool your food. Having fresh veggies? Place them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before eating. This will help your bod cool down.

Another important suggestion is to freeze grapes in the freezer. Not only are grapes wonderful for you, freezing them is a fantastic way of cooling down your body.


Other Important Tips

Night Sweats

Are you dealing with sweating at night? Try to sleep with less clothes, less bed sheets, and opening up your window. Most people will agree that they sleep better when it’s colder in the room. Another tip one should try is applying deodorant/antiperspirant to the affected area before bed.
If you’re still having sweating issues during the eve hours, consider changing up your sheets. Sometimes, changing your sheets to a more absorbable fabric will help.

Sweating During The Job

Does your sweating issue frequently occur during the work hours throughout the day? If so, always try to carry around deodorant. Along with the antiperspirant, one should always try to come equipped with a second set of clothing. This could simply be a new undershirt or a completely new set of clothing.
If you typically wear a hat during the work day, consider not wearing your hat. Most of the heat from your body gets released on the top of your head, and if you’re wearing a hat, you’re trapping heat in. Always try to keep your head free from trapped heat. Yes this also includes wearing hoods.

Psychological Trigger

Sometimes, you can change up your daily routine and make a million other changes in the hopes of reducing the amount you sweat, but it doesn’t end up happening. What can you do?
Believe it or not, Sweating has a direct correlation with your mind. Let me explain with an example. Have you ever been nervous for a presentation or a job interview? Did you start sweating from your hands, armpit, feet, or your face? Exactly. When you’re nervous, your mind reacts by telling your sweat glands to open up when you’re feeling distressed.

Same with the being nervous, when you’re angry, scared, or anxious, your body will always react by sweating. Why? Because sweating is the only way that your body knows how to react.

In order to treat this, many have considered taking up meditation. Meditation is a perfect practice to relaxing the mind. Many doctors will recommend finding a relaxing hobby or taking up meditation. If you’ve never taken up meditation, we highly recommend it. Meditation is by far one of the most effective ways to seriously cut down on the amount of sweat released from your body.

The take away is this- If you can learn to control your mind in a stressful situation, you can cut down on your perspiration.


Sweating sucks, there is no question about it. There are a million causes to sweating, but typically your body sweats as a reaction to an underlying dispute. Although there is no perfect solution to ending your sweating problem, there are tons of different things you can do that are proven to reduce the amount you sweat. Some include changing your diet and watching what foods you put in your body, while other solutions include changing the clothes you wear or taking up a relaxing hobby to settle your mind. It can take quite a few tries to figure out what works best for you, but the point is that there is a solution for you.

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