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Hyperhidrosis Pills – Do They Work?

Derrick Zinj



If you find yourself diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, your doctor has likely recommended a certain medication for you to try in the hopes that you will stop excessively sweating. Most commonly the doctor will prescribe you with hyperhidrosis pills, which aim to reduce the perspiration from your sweat glands.

At face value, the concept seems simple. Suffering from hyperhidrosis? Take a hyperhidrosis pill and watch the problem disappear! However, many times this is not how it actually works. Research has shown that oral pills work better for certain types of hyperhidrosis including facial sweating, generalized hyperhidrosis, and those who have tried previous treatments but have not found success with them and thus the doctor has recommended hyperhidrosis pills.

The doctor will likely prescribe anticholinergics, beta blockers, and benzodiazepines. In order to combat your excessive sweating issue, the doctor will prescribe you to these medications. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle and consume the recommended amount of pills.

Anticholinergic are used frequently for various hyperhidrosis conditions, and they often yield a great result, effectively stopping the body from producing excess sweat. However, it should be noted that a recent study has linked the development of dementia and long-term use of Anticholinergics. Use your due diligence before jumping on board with any new medications.


Alternative Treatments

Although prescriptions seem like a wonderful idea, they can often yield obscure side-effects that leave the opportunity for additional issues with your body. Instead of rushing to get your excessive sweating pills, we highly recommend that you do your research before starting up a hyperhidrosis prescription.

Additionally, we recommend that you look around online and try out at least 5-10 natural remedies that have worked for other hyperhidrosis sufferers. The truth is, one can effectively stop their perspiration issue without resorting to medications or surgeries. Be sure to look around to find natural remedies that have sweat-reducing properties. There are dozens out there including spices, teas, foods, and more.

Additionally, there are literally dozens of different lifestyle changes you can (and should) make to help slow down the production of sweat. Many of these lifestyle changes stem from living a overall healthier life in general. This includes eating right, incorporating physical activity into your daily routines, and drinking plenty of water. Beyond this, there are many things one can do including avoiding fatty, surgery foods and beverages, avoiding coffee, and ultimately making smarter clothing decisions. By wearing less layers of clothing, choosing clothing that is thin and allows the body to breathe, and choosing lighter clothes on a hot day are three important things you should be thinking about every morning.



However, at the end of the day, many people find comfort in using hyperhidrosis pills to effectively treat their sweating condition. If you’re serious about eliminating your sweating issue from your life and you’ve already tried out a few other alternative treatments, consult your local doctor to decide if hyperhidrosis pills are right for you. At the end of the day, the only way to know if the oral medications will help you is if you try them. For some sufferers, oral medications do nothing, while for others, the medication ends the issue almost immediately.

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