How to Stop Facial Sweating

If you find yourself suffering from excessive sweating on your face, you may be suffering from a condition that is commonly referred to as Hyperhidrosis in the medical world. Patients who suffer from facial hyperhidrosis experience an increased secretion of sweat on various parts of their face. There are many things one should try if they experience facial sweating which are described below. In order to teach you how to stop facial sweating, we’ve compiled this detailed post that outlines what most people do to combat their excessive facial sweating.


What Causes a Sweaty Face & Forehead?

As previously stated in other posts on our website, hyperhidrosis is generally a byproduct of an underlying condition. This typically means that your excessive perspiration is caused by some other factor.

Some of the most popular causes for facial hyperhidrosis include:



  • Heredity – Unfortunately, if your parents sweat excessively, you’ll likely inherit these traits.
  • Obesity – Are you overweight? more often than not, patients who are overweight tend so sweat more.
  • A Over-Heated Body – When the body is overheated, the brain tells the body to release sweat to cool down the body.
  • Cancer – Cancer can cause many patients to sweat uncontrollably
  • Anxiety – Many of us suffer hyperhidrosis when we’re experiencing heightened levels of anxiety.
  • Other Medications – Sweating can be a byproduct of many medications.

Before trying to try the below treatments for facial sweating, consider looking at your life and see if you can pinpoint and causes for your sweating. For example: Could it be that you’re wearing too many layers? Are you eating too many unhealthy foods?


Natural Treatments To Stop Facial Sweating

Before rushing off to the doctors office, we highly recommend trying out these natural, holistic home remedies for excessive facial sweating. Upon doing our research, we quickly learned that many hyperhidrosis sufferers were able to end their facial sweating by trying these natural treatments.

Apply Talcum Powder

Because of its unique absorbent characteristics, Talcum Power is the perfect home remedy for facial hyperhidrosis. Not only that, but talcum powder has been proven to leave a fresh scent behind, making your face smell fresh and clean.  Simply apply talcum powder to the affected area.


Keep Your Face Cool

Sure, this might sound obvious, but one of the most effective ways to end facial sweating is to keep your face cool. Many times, hyperhidrosis patients will apply a cool rag to their face multiple times a day. On a hot or stressful day, apply a handful of ice cubes to the face a few times. As your face cools down, you’ll quickly realize that the sweating will slow down/stop. Additionally, its highly recommended that sufferers consume ample amounts of cold water, keeping the body both cool and hydrated.


Consume Wheatgrass Juice Daily

Another great home remedy for excessive sweating of the face is consuming a tall glass of wheatgrass juice on a daily basis. Because wheatgrass contains so many vitamins and nutrients for the skin, you’ll notice your pores shrinking, your face cooler, and an overall improved health.


Traditional Remedies For Facial Sweating

Meet With Your Local Doctor

If you’ve tried the above treatments and home remedies but have found little success, we highly recommend contacting your local doctors office and setting up an appointment. Be sure to write down your normal lifestyle including: the foods you normally eat, the daily routines you actively participate in, the clothes you wear, and more. The more information you provide your local doctor, the better he or she can give their recommendations.

Depending what you tell them and their personal preferences, many doctors will conduct a few simple tests on you. They usually vary, but generally they will at least have you fill out a questionnaire.

Depending on the test results, the doctor may do one of many things in an attempt to treat your facial hyperhidrosis.

The first, the doctor may prescribe you to a special type of antiperspirant. This will be meant to be applied to the face. Unfortunately, because this has a very low success rate, the doctor my prescribe you to a variety of medications to help regulate the body’s desire to produce such excessive sweat.

Next, if your facial sweating condition is not solved yet, the doctor may suggest that you go to a specialist. The specialist may try to dig deeper into your hyperhidrosis condition and ask you a handful of questions. Depending on how you answer said questions, the specialist may try and recommend a few experimental treatments such as Iontophoresis, which use electricity at a low voltage to pulse the affected area. Many tests have proved this to be an effective form of treating excessive facial sweating.

Finally, if you’ve tried everything above, but cannot get your face to stop sweating, the doctor will likely recommend that you do some sort of surgery. The two most popular forms of surgery include injecting BOTOX into your affected area and disconnecting the sweat nerve from the body. Although BOTOX is not permanent, it has proved itself to be a viable solution for many hyperhidrosis sufferers.

On the other hand, when disconnecting the nerve from the body, this is considered a “last resort” as this cannot be reversed.



Within this article, we’ve covered the topic of facial hyperhidrosis and taught you how to stop face sweating. If you are currently suffering from hyperhidrosis of the face, we highly recommend that you read the above posts as they will help you sweat less. We highly recommend trying the natural solutions or home remedies, and if these do not work for you, consult your local doctor. At the end of the day, these are all perfect and popular ways people have been able to control & reverse their hyperhidrosis in a matter of weeks.

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