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How To Deal With Sweaty Armpits

Derrick Zinj



It’s quite common to sweat from your armpits. Realistically, everyone sweats may armpits. It’s a natural body function and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. Unfortunately, sometimes people sweat excessively from the armpits and can turn into quite an issue. In order to help address this issue, we decided to create this article. After reading his entire post, you’ll learn how to deal with sweaty armpits and possible treatments or solutions that will aid in the help of curing excessive sweating or combating excessive perspiration.



What Causes Sweaty Armpits?

Before we can explain how to deal with sweaty armpits, we must first understand what the most common causes for excessive sweating are. Unfortunately, Sweaty armpits, or underarm sweating can be caused by literally hundreds of different things.

Menopause – if you are currently going through menopause, you may experience excessive sweating. When the body goes through menopause, a typical reaction to it is releasing sweat from various parts of the body, including your armpits.

Pregnancy – are you currently pregnant? If so, the body tends to sweat more often due to pregnancy. If you experience a heightened perspiration due to pregnancy, do not be alarmed. Susan normal body function.

Thyroid Issues – if you are currently going to thyroid issues, your body may react by sweating more than normally does. Do not be alarmed, this is yet again a natural body function that is caused by underlying issue of thyroid issues.

Diabetes – are you diagnosed with type I or type II diabetes? If you are, your body may react to the diabetes by sweating more than it normally does. Although perspiration may be annoying, it’s the body’s reaction to the diabetes in the attempts to cool down your body and regulate the sugar in your blood.

Alcoholism – if you are considered call it, and you’re trying to detox yourself, you should expect to experience heightened perspiration due to the fact that your body is trying to wean itself off of the alcohol.

Diseases – there are literally thousands of diseases out there, and your body typically reacts to said diseases by releasing sweat throughout the sweat glands in your body.

Obesity – are you overweight? Clinical research suggests that obesity causes individuals to sweat more than the average person.

Cancers – if you’ve been diagnosed with any sort of cancer, you may be experiencing heightened perspiration. Your body may be reacting to the cancer itself or the medication that you are currently taking two fights said cancers.

Anxiety – if you find yourself in a situation that causes you to have anxiety, your body tends to react by sweating. Anxiety generally causes the heart rates to increase in your body temperature to increase. An attempt to cool down the body and relax it more, your body will release sweat from your sweat glands throughout the entire body.


Dealing With Sweaty Armpits

For one reason or another, it’s your body will choose a certain location on your body and release more sweat from that location. For most individuals, it is your armpits, or your underarms. As previously stated above, it’s quite normal to sweat where armpits, but one becomes a nuisance, you may find yourself looking for a solution or cure to combat the excessive perspiration. Below, you’ll find a handful of different techniques that can be used to treat sweaty armpits. Now that we have a clear understanding of what causes sweaty underarms, its time to learn how to deal with sweaty armpits.

The Doctor Approach

If you feel that your sweating is excessive, you may want to go and talk to your local doctor. Be sure to include all your lifestyle preferences and explain how the excessive sweating is causing detrimental pain in your life. The doctor will most likely run a few tests to figure out how extreme the sweating is and provide a treatment plan for you.

The first step of the treatment plan is typically to change your diet or your lifestyle. The doctor may make you change a few things around in your life to help aid in dealing with your sweating issue.

If you change your life seller on a bit but still didn’t find the results you need, the doctor may suggest a prescription strength antiperspirant that was shut on your sweat glands or block them more effectively.

Assuming that the prescribed antiperspirant is at work, the doctor might recommend a certain type of medication that will regulate the amount of sweat your body releases on typical day.

Following the medication, the doctor might recommend to you some alternative medicines or treatments. This can include electro’s shock therapy, injections, and small minor changes or treatments readily available to those that need it.

Finally, if the doctor still is not able to help you sweat less, you may suggest that you go see a surgeon. The surgeon may suggest that Botox is injected into the affected area, or a surgery might be required to end the excessive sweating. A surgery is typically permanent and irreversible. The most popular surgery is to remove the sweat gland from the body such that your body is no longer able to operate the sweat gland in the affected area.

The “Natural Solution” Approach

If you choose not to go down the doctor wrote, there are many natural treatments that can aid you in dealing with sweaty armpits. Some of the more natural treatments include drinking certain beverages, including drinking tomato juice, or applying certain natural ingredients affected area. Some of these natural and great ingredients are generally in vinegar, baking soda, salt, ice, and coconut oil. Because of their unique, natural properties of absorbing and killing bacteria, many natural treatments have been found to be quite successful in dealing with sweaty armpits.


Additional Lifestyle Tips To Deal With Sweaty Underarm Sweat

I highly recommend that you try each of the above treatments and solutions so that you can effectively stop sweating so much. Additionally, we’ve created the section below that will aid you in making lifestyle changes that will deter your body from sweating more.

Avoid Spicy Foods

It’s universally agreed upon that your body reacts spicy foods by sweating. In an attempt to help you sweat less, we recommend that you avoid spicy foods at all costs. By successfully avoiding spicy foods, you will avoid stimulating your sweat glands and helping your body remain cool and regulated.

Avoid Caffeine

We’ve recommended this a few times throughout the website, but it’s vitally important to remove caffeine from your daily routine if you’re serious about its sweating less, specifically from your armpits. Caffeine is considered an accelerant and thus causes your body to sweat.

Use Antiperspirants, Not Deodorants

Many people do not know that there is a difference between deodorants and antiperspirants. Deodorants typically at a fresh scent to your underarms, while antiperspirants aid in stopping your body from releasing sweat from the sweat glands while also leaving a fresh scent behind. If you are experiencing a heightened amounts of perspiration, we recommend that you use an aerosol can or a swipe a on stick of antiperspirant once or twice throughout the day.

If you’re sweating is severe enough, you may want to look for the extra strength antiperspirants at your local pharmacy or grocery store.

Wear The Right Clothing

When your body is overheating, its immediate reaction is to really sweat from the sweat glands. If you want to give your body cool, it’s recommended that you wear a type of clothing that allows the body to breathe and deter heat. In order to do so, we recommend that you wear thin, breathable clothing that allows the body to release heat easily. If he failed to do this, the heat is trapped inside her clothing and the seats of the body.

Secondly, we recommend that you wear lighter colored clothing. Many times, when people experience excessive sweating, they resort to wearing dark clothing to cover up of the stains on their clothes. This does not solve the issue and actually causes or by heat up more because it’s able to absorb the sun’s rays more effectively than lighter colored clothing.



After reading through this entire post, you should be able to know how to deal with sweaty armpits. Although excessive underarm sweating may be annoying and detrimental to this person’s self-esteem, it’s important to remember that there are literally hundreds of solutions readily available for you at any given time. If you’re serious about its ending your excessive sweating on your underarms, I highly recommend that you combine the treatments found above with the additional tips.

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