How To Avoid Sweaty Hands

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a stressful or anxiety-prone situation and looked down to find the palms of your hands drenched in sweat? If so, you’re not alone. Having excessively sweaty hands is not only a common issue, its something that can usually be treated naturally. In order to help you learn how to avoid sweaty hands, we’ve compiled this master guide that will help you not only understand what causes your hands to perspire, but also learn how to effectively avoid excessively sweaty hands all together.


Sweaty Hands – What’s The Cause?

As previously stated, its extremely common to sweat from your hands. In fact, sweating from your hands is a normal bodily function that is necessary to keep your body cool. However, we can sometimes find ourselves in situations that causes our brain to think that the body needs to release too much sweat. It should be noted that in order to understand how to avoid sweaty hands, we must first understand the issue. There are many causes for sweaty hands, and below you’ll learn about the most common catalysts for this.

Your Emotions Cause Sweating

One of the most common causes for excessive hand sweating is anxiety. Researchers have recently discovered a link between perspiration and anxious people. Simply put, if you find yourself in anxiety-prone situations, your body may respond to the situation by releasing sweat in order to cool down and relax the body. For example, first-time flyers on commercial airlines are said to often experience hand-sweating on their first flight.

Secondly, researchers have also found a strong link between nervousness and sweat production. For many participants, their body naturally reacted to a nervous situation by releasing sweat from not only the hands, but the armpits, forehead, and even a few other places of the body. Some examples of nervous sweating include first dates, job interviews, or important business meetings.

In short, there is a strong correlation between emotional situations and your body’s reaction (which is often times to release sweat). As more research continues to be done, we’re seeing an increasingly strong connection between emotions and sweat.

Note: Some people have been clinically diagnosed with palmar hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes someone to sweat excessively from their hands for seemingly no reason. If you find yourself sweating excessively from your palms without a cause, its highly recommended that you consult your local doctor to see what the root cause for your hand sweating.


How To Avoid Sweaty Hands

Its important to remember that each hand sweating issue is unique. This means that the cause for your excessive palm sweating goes on a case-by-case basis, and treatments vary in various success rates. It doesn’t matter if you’re holding hands with someone, in a stressful situation, or sitting at home doing nothing, you can successfully reduce the amount of perspiration your body releases using these below tips.

Avoid Emotionally-Prone Situations

If you’re frequently in stressful, anxious-prone, or otherwise highly emotional situations, your body may simply be reacting to said situation by releasing sweat from your hands or palms. One of the most important things you can do in order to sweat less is to avoid these situations. However, many times is can be difficult to avoid these situations, so you may need to learn how to control your bodies response during these situations. Many hand sweaters often take up meditation or practice breathing tactics to control their emotions. We highly recommend learning more about meditation and incorporate it into your daily life. Meditation can do wonders for virtually all facets of your life buy helping you relax, causing the heart-rate to decrease and thus the body temperature to decrease. if you’re serious about learning how to avoid sweaty hands, you’re going to want to take some time throughout the day to reflect on the emotional situations in your life to see if this plays a role in your sweating issue.

Uncover Your Hands

Whether you’re wearing gloves or you’re frequently carrying items, both of these activities are blocking your hands from being able to breathe and cool down. If your body senses that your hands are becoming overheated, your body will respond the only way it knows – to release sweat on parts of your hand. This may sound like common sense, but becoming aware of what is on or in your hands throughout the day can play a key role in helping you sweat less. Be sure to take off gloves (if you wear them often), and try to carry around less items in your hands. For example, if you carry around a briefcase often, consider switching to a shoulder-carrying traveler so that your hands are able to breathe easier.

Additional tips to stop excessive hand sweating

Be sure to wash your hands on a regular basis. Not only does this keep your hands clean and remove the bacteria that may be blocking your sweat glands and preventing your hands to breathe, it also keeps your hands cool. If you’re not washing your hands every few hours, consider implementing this throughout the day. After-all, it will help you live a healthier life. Alternatively, if you don’t have access to a sink throughout the day, you may want to consider carrying around cool wipes in your pocket. Not only will these wipes clean off your hands, they’ll cool down your hands as well.

There is a clear correlation between stress and sweat production. One of the most effective ways to avoid sweating from your hands is to take up meditation or similar strategies to take hold of your stress. Consider learning more about meditation or similar techniques to effectively sweat less.

These tips may not sound too important to you, however they can play a key role in learning how to avoid sweaty hands.



Sweating from your hands can be a real issue for many people. If you’re experiencing heightened perspiration from either your palms (or hands in general), you’re not alone. The good news is that there are many things one can do in order to sweat less around the affected area. Do your best to become aware of how often your hands are full, wash your hands frequently, and most importantly, learn how to control your stress. By combining these three things, you might be surprised as to how you can effectively avoid sweating from your hands. Now that you understand how to avoid sweaty hands, start taking action in your daily life!

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