15 Natural Home Remedies For Hyperhidrosis

If you are suffering from excessive sweating, chances are, you’re looking for a solution. Unfortunately, many times, the treatments doctors and medical professionals provide are either expensive or partially working. Today, we’re going to be talking about home remedies for hyperhidrosis, and what you can do to immediately reduce the amount of sweat your body releases.


Natural Remedies For Hyperhidrosis

There are many ingredients and natural products that are commonly found that can aid in the reduction of perspiration your body releases. If you personally suffer from excessive sweating, consider trying the below natural remedies for hyperhidrosis. These home treatments have been successful for many & effectively reduced the amount of excess sweat that their body released.


Apply Potato Slices to the affected area

Take a raw potato, and chop it up in to slices. Using said potato, apply it directly to the affected area. Because of its absorbent nature, the potatoes help to remove any excess sweat and help to cool down the affected area.


Drink Sage Tea

Sage tea has a handful of similar qualities to various other teas. However, Sage tea has unique characteristics such that they cool down the body and affectively slow down the bodies metabolism.

Simply boil a cup of water. Once boiling, add sage to the cup and let cool. If possible, drink sage tea every day for best results. Note – if you suffer from armpit (or underarm) sweating, sage tea has been specifically beneficial for this area.


Consume Tomato Juice

Many medical professionals agree that tomato juice has numerous health benefits, in regards to excessive perspiration, tomato juice can effectively get rid of hyperhidrosis for many people. Because of its copious amounts of anti-oxidants and cool temperature, tomato juice can shrink the size of one’s pores.


Apply Salt To The Affected Area

Salt has been widely recognized for its unique absorbing & odor-eliminating abilities. Simply apply a handful of salt to the affected area and let the salt absorb the sweat. Do this daily and watch as you sweat less and less each and every day.


Eat Grapes

Do you enjoy eating grapes? If so, you’ll love this natural home remedy for excessive sweating. Because grapes contain such a large amount of anti-oxidants, they can effectively end hyperhidrosis in many cases.


Apply Lemons To Affected Areas of Hyperhidrosis

A unique home remedy for excessive sweating is to apply lemon or lemon juice to the affected skin. Not only does the lemon smell fresh, its acidic properties help to slow down your bodies attempt at perspiration. For best results, apply lemon in a circular fashion.


Baking Soda

My hyperhidrosis sufferers around the world have reported positively to the effects of baking soda when dealing with excessive perspiration. Because baking soda is such a great absorber, it helps to remove any and all traces of sweat from the affected area of your body. Not only that, but your body will be left smelling fresh and clean.


Additional Home Remedies For Excessive Sweating

There are also many things one can do to assist themselves in sweating less. Below, you’ll find a small list of helpful tips that are both natural and can immediately cause you to sweat less.


Drink More Water

You’ve probably heard this tip before, but staying hydrated helps the body cool and relaxed. Try to keep yourself hydrated on a regular basis, drinking at a minimum, five cold glasses throughout the day. Simply put, the cooler your body is, the less your body will want to perspire.


Reduce Stress In Your Life

Many times, sweating is a byproduct from having too much stress. if you currently have a considerable amount of stress, you may want to figure out a way to reduce said stress. This can include yoga, talking walks, or learning how to meditate.


Avoid Accelerant’s

Are you a daily coffee drinker? How about soda? If you’re serious about sweating less, you should consider removing all forms of caffeine from your diet. Caffeine has been shown to increase the heart rate and cause the body’s heat to rise. A popular home remedy for hyperhidrosis is to complexly remove caffeine from ones daily routine.


Don’t Consume Fatty/Sugary Foods

Again, you’ve probably heard this health tip before, but its something that I felt should be reminded. Fatty foods and sugary foods have been clinically proven to increase the heart-rate and increase the bodies overall temperature. In order to help you sweat less, we recommend that you avoid these types of foods altogether.


Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco, And Drugs

Unbeknownst to most people, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs have been known to cause the body to perspire. In order to effectively reduce the amount of sweat your body releases, be sure to remove these three things from your daily life.


Wear Light, Loose Clothing

Many times, when a person experiences excessive sweating, they try to cover it up with dark colors and multiple layers. Doing this insolates the body, making it hard to keep said body from cooling down. In order to keep your body as cool as possible, be sure to wear thin clothing that will allow your body to breathe, thus keeping you cooler. Unless it’s cold, try to wear less layers and embrace your sweating condition.


Lose Weight

Another natural remedy for hyperhidrosis is to lose the extra weight. If you’re overweight, be sure to exercise and lose the excess pounds. Statistically speaking, obese people are more likely to sweat than in-shape people.


Reduce Your Bodies Temperature

Do your best to avoid situations that will cause your body temperature to rise. If you focus on keeping your body cool, you’ll likely notice that your body is no longer working so hard to produce sweat to cool down your body. If you have an ice pack, try using it to cool down your body when you’re feeling hot or noticing sweat appear.



Throughout the internet, there is a considerable amount of talk about how hyperhidrosis is impossible to cure. However, after doing many hours of research, it became abundantly clear that using home remedies that are natural, it is absolutely possible for one to cure hyperhidrosis. Use the above remedies and tips and see which ones work best for you!


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