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10 Tips & Home Remedies to End Hyperhidrosis

Derrick Zinj



In this short little post, id’ like to share with you 5 proven techniques you can implement today that will help you reduce your sweating. On top of that I’ll be telling you about 5 home remedies for excessive perspiration you probably have never heard of. Watch the entire video above to learn more about this information!

Before we dive right into solutions and tips and home remedies for your sweating issue, lets talk about what exactly causes this issue. By learning what tends to cause hyperhirosis, you may be able to alter your daily life and routine to cut down your excessive sweating tremendously.

Some of the most common causes of hyperhidrosis include :

  • Being mentally nervous or having high anxiety levels
  • Your body may be overheated (blame the sun in the summer for this one)
  • Your consumption for water is inadequate
  • The foods you are putting in your body might be the main culprits

Tips To Reduce Sweating

Sweating sucks, we all know that. It seems like people are always complaining about this issue and that there is no clear cut solution to hyperhidrosis. Unfortunately I’m not here to share with you the “golden solution” to sweating. However, I will be sharing with you 5 little known tips that are proven to reduce your sweating. To lower your chances of excessive sweating, always be sure to :

  1. Keep yourself Calm and relaxed
  2. Drink more than enough water to keep your body cool
  3. Consume healthy foods such as fresh strawberries and other fruits (or even fresh veggies such as green peas and carrots)
  4. Try drinking some sage tea or green teas to relax your body and mind
  5. Meditate before an important event to keep your mind relaxed


5 Home Remedies to Reduce Perspiration

  • Natural Vinegar Can Be Your Best Friend

    • Simply add natural vinegar with some apple cider and drink that down.
  • Eating Grapes

    • Eating grapes is a very natural and holistic way to reduce your excessive sweating. Due to the antioxidants and temperature of the grapes, you will notice your sweating reduce quite fast.
  •  Salt On The Wound

    • One little remedy that I’ve personally tried is to mix some salt and cool lime juice and apply the mixture to the affected area. The salt and lime juice work together to slow down the sweat glands.
  • Potatoes on The Affected Area

    • I think we’ve talked about this remedy before, but this little gem is worth writing about again. Simply place a slice of potato on the affected sweating area and the potato will absorb any sweat that is produced by your sweat glads. potatoes are extremely absorbent by nature, and can help reduce sweat almost immediately.
  • Consuming Plenty of Tomatoes

    • If you’re not eating tomatoes to help reduce your embarrassing issue,  I highly recommend you start now because you’re simply missing out. Not only do tomatoes taste good, they also work with you to reduce the activity of your sweat glands. Tomatoes are jam-packed with antioxidants and are known to benefit all parts of the body.



Within this video and short post, you’ve learned a handful tricks and tips to help reduce sweating. By using clinically proven tricks and using home remedies, you can easily reduce the amount your body sweats (even if you sweat from your armpits, face, palms, or feet!). Within a few days of your minimal adjustments, you should notice a immediate decrease in the activity of your sweat glands.

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