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How To: Painting

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paintingPainting is not only loved buy thousands of people, its often considered a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. If you’re interested in learning the basics of painting, you’ve come to the right place. Instead of wasting your time giving you way too much information, we’ve removed the clutter and are going to give you only the necessary information needed to help you get started right away.


Necessary Painting Items

If you’re new into the painting  world, you may find that you dont have all the necessary items such as paint, brushes, or even a canavas. To help you, we recommend a few of the listed products:


A Brief History

painting is one of the arts that existed. Painting is an art that developed when the man recorded the vision that he came across. In early times, nearly all the paintings were scrapped on the wall and were rudimentary in structural side and were good enough to deliver message to the future generations. As time passed, purified techniques and processes were developed by the artists so that standard of art to be so much improved so that it looks more real. The painting thought to be the earlier painting done by a man could be water color painting done on papers with small decorations to the structures and color combinations. If you are interested in painting then you should know that painting would be much easier for the paintings if they have the full knowledge about basics of painting. All about water color paintings are mentioned below.



How to Get Started With Your Water Color Painting?

The basic requirement in water color painting is to learn the way of using the paint brush which is used for development of pictures. On the painting palette, the blend of water color must be carefully studied, may be it can give new path for various color combinations giving rise to different shades. In water color painting, the amount of water needed in blending color is one of the most important things for making different color shades. The painter should learn about blending colors in time as it is one of the most important factors for making a water color painting. When the painter holds the basic thing firmly, then he is examined ready to continue his water color painting by his own self. And to form his original art, he can do experiments.

If you enjoy reading books, you may want to consider a few books listed below. These will help give you a greater understanding in water color painting

SALEBestseller No. 1
Painting Beautiful Watercolor Landscapes: Transform Ordinary Places into Extraordinary Scenes
Joyce Hicks - Publisher: North Light Books - Hardcover: 128 pages
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SALEBestseller No. 3
SALEBestseller No. 4
Painting Watercolors (First Steps)
Cathy Johnson - Publisher: North Light Books - Edition no. 1 (08/15/1995) - Paperback: 128 pages
- 27%
SALEBestseller No. 5
The Big Book of Painting Nature in Watercolor
Publisher: Watson-Guptill - Edition no. 0 (05/01/1990) - Paperback: 400 pages
- 34%
Bestseller No. 6
XL Watercolor Pad, 9"X12" Fold Over
Notions - In Network - Kitchen
SALEBestseller No. 7
The Complete Watercolorist's Essential Notebook: A treasury of watercolor secrets discovered through decades of painting and experimentation
Gordon MacKenzie - Publisher: North Light Books - Edition no. 1252009 (10/19/2010) - Hardcover: 288 pages
- 36%
SALEBestseller No. 9
Watercolor Painting: A Comprehensive Approach to Mastering the Medium
Tom Hoffmann - Publisher: Watson-Guptill - Hardcover: 208 pages
- 24%


Different Types of Brushes Available For Water Color Painting

For water color painting, there are numbers of brushes available in the market but out of them only some are used. Each brush possesses unique quantity of applying paint in paper. Generally, paint brushes are made up of handle, tuft and ferrule. The tufts are available in various types. Depending upon the brush strokes, the paintings are made different from one another. The beginners in water color painting starts painting with brushes with round tufts and the brushes whose ferrule is round shaped. Gradually, the brush’s thickness diminishes to a point at front. With almost every form of paintings, these could be utilized with a steady hand but you should have important deal of practice. Other types of tufts that are available for paintings are flats, mops, filberts, riggers, acrylic, fan, etc. With the help of different types of tuft available, water color painting and any other types of art has become easier.



Main Materials That Are Used In Water Color Painting

In water color painting, main materials that are used are the water color and the paper in which painting will be drawn. However, they can be painted in large sized canvas also. Most of the painters prefer paper over canvas. Water colors are also made up of material like additives, binder, solvent and colorants, properties of color is added by each. To form different shades on dilution, all colors are mixed with a small amount of water. Sometimes, they are even mixed with other color of same nature. It is very much important to check the type of paper that you are using in the painting with water color paint because if a lot of water is soaked in the paper or the paper is not taking any water, then it is very difficult for the artists to do water color painting on that particular paper.

Before you are going for water color painting, you should make sure that you are keeping these facts in your mind. Try to make many color combinations and practice brush strokes. No doubt, water color painting is among the very interesting form of paintings. Water color paintings are considered by most of the new painters as it opens different ways of advancement of painting. One of the most important reasons for these paintings to be popular among the new painters is that the cost of these paintings is comparatively cheaper.

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