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How To: Amateur Film Making

Derrick Zinj



how to: amateur film making

how to: amateur film makingAmateur film-making is a very rewarding career or hobby, regardless if it is for a college film class or just a film festival. With the recent technology, short movies are becoming very famous. The production cost of making them is cheaper and still the process involved is simple. This has made many people to start this kind of business. However, starting a film company can be quite challenging as well as expensive. This is because you will need a good script, couple of cameras, business and creative concerns to ensure that your company will do better. The following are some of the very simple tips on how to start film making.


Best Resources to become a filmmaker

SALEBestseller No. 1
The Director's Six Senses: An Innovative Approach to Developing Your Filmmaking Skills
Simone Bartesaghi - Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions - Paperback: 144 pages
- 32%
SALEBestseller No. 2
Filmmaking For Dummies
Bryan Michael Stoller - Publisher: For Dummies - Edition no. 2 (11/10/2008) - Paperback: 384 pages
- 30%
SALEBestseller No. 3
On Film-making: An Introduction to the Craft of the Director
Alexander Mackendrick - Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux - Edition no. 1 (08/31/2005) - Paperback: 336 pages
- 18%
SALEBestseller No. 4
Making Movies
Sidney Lumet - Publisher: Vintage - Edition no. 0 (03/19/1996) - Paperback: 218 pages
- 36%
SALEBestseller No. 5
How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck: Advice to Make Any Amateur Look Like a Pro
Steve Stockman - Publisher: Workman Publishing Company - Edition no. 1 (06/02/2011) - Paperback: 248 pages
- 35%
SALEBestseller No. 6
Filmmaking for Teens: Pulling Off Your Shorts
Troy Lanier, Clay Nichols - Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions - Edition no. 2 (02/01/2010) - Paperback: 200 pages
- 41%
SALEBestseller No. 8
The Filmmaker's Handbook, 2013 Edition
Steven Ascher, Edward Pincus - Publisher: Plume - Edition no. 4 (01/01/1970) - Paperback: 832 pages
- 28%
SALEBestseller No. 9
The Digital Filmmaking Handbook, 6th edition
Sonja Schenk, Ben Long - Publisher: Foreing Films - Edition no. 6 (06/30/2017) - Paperback: 614 pages
- 18%
SALEBestseller No. 10
Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film
Sharon Gosling - Publisher: Titan Books - Hardcover: 192 pages
- 33%


Make your story simple

Since your main aim is to make sure that you have succeeded in making a film, you should create a simple story that everyone will understand easily. The story you make should not be too long like a novel since the time may not contain it. It can also create monotony to those watching the film. You should mainly focus on a one idea and then let the rest of the story revolve around it.


Make anticipations

If you want to create suspense, you should not show everything in the beginning immediately. This is because it is good to make the audience have some suspense on what shall happen next. This helps to capture the attention of the viewers till the story reaches to the climax.


Use few characters

A good film should have a few characters so as to make it more effective. A movie with very many characters makes the story not to be so focused as it should be. Having few characters can make your life much easier as a film maker. This will also drive audience to focus few elements of your films.


Complete your story

Even if your story is short, you should always ensure that it is complete to avoid suspense when the story is over. Many people do not like movies which just end abruptly even without a conclusion. Other stories may end in an open-ended manner. This is also not good and instead you are supposed to bring your audience somewhere when ending your story. It is very bad to just show an introduction and then cut the story.


Gain aspirations

It is quite challenging for someone to create a very good story which he or she can use for a movie. To deal with this situation effectively, one must make sure that he or she gains more ideas. The most recommended way to gain such ideas is by watching many films. After you have watched many films, you will also be capable to come up with your own great ideas. Those great ideas are very important for any kind of film that you may make.


Other tips you may have include

  • Ã Having a good plan of action
  • Ã Getting the right equipment
  • Ã Get some professional shots
  • Ã Put your ideas together
  • Ã Hiring a director
  • Ã Actual production

In conclusion, the above are some of the great tips on how to start film making. If you are a beginner, you can just use them and surely they will work out fine for you.

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